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Adding Depth To Your Space

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As technology progresses, so does the world of interior design. As is the case with porcelain, a material that at some point was used for monotone wall solutions and kitchen backsplashes, but is now being used to redefine interior design. These days, there are new manufacturing technologies that can etch, print and texture porcelain in really cool ways. The result is a durable and eye popping look that is changing the game. 

Right along with porcelain, there are a few new and innovative tile products out on the market right now. Here’s a look at some of them. 

Avalon Paper:

Porcelain is paving the way for tile to make its way into other places besides simply bathrooms and kitchens. Avalon Paper is the perfect example of this. This room coloring effect makes it easier to mesh kitchen and bath looks into the overall design of the place.

Ornamental Jungle:

With this dense jungle feel of flora and foliage, tiles are complemented by simple white and black textured Spina Bianco and Spina Nero tiles. This unique and distinctive look is yet again another reason why people are going porcelain over wallpaper. 

Ornamental Paisley:

 The tone-on-tone patterning and large 16-by-32 inch size is of this design is proof of how size does matter. The colors it comes in are softly muted and patterned which opens up your world for more creative expression and freedom. 

No matter the type, porcelain has a funny way of both challenging and re-inventing the uses of wallpaper while updating already existing classic tile looks. 

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