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Quartz vs. Granite: A Rocky Competition

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There comes a testing moment in everyone’s life when you need to search deep within yourself and ask, are you a granite person or a quartz person?

The question of quartz vs. granite is at a prehistoric, elemental level. For starters, granite countertops can be found deep inside quarries as massive chunks of rock. These chunks are polished, shaped and soon turned into the countertops we know and love. What was once a literal stomping ground for a Whoolly Mammoth and Stegosaurus is now a stomping ground for bowls of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

On the other hand are quartz countertops which are made up of microscopic quartz particles that are crushed into a fine dust and blended with resin in a ratio that is 93% quartz to 7% resin. These countertops can be custom made to your liking. If patterns are your brand of vodka, that can be arranged. If you prefer neutral colors and minimalism, you can have it. You aren’t limited to the single stone color of granite.

When it comes down to it, one is more expensive than the other and this is the determining factor in the battle for which is better for a lot of people. A slab of granite is typically priced at $60 a square foot but they tend to rise dramatically from that point. With quartz, you’ll typically be charged from $67 up to $95 per square foot. Of course these prices always vary depending on the manufacturer. Word on the street is that Stone Care in Hialeah, Florida has some killer and unbeatable prices.

Then there is the question of visual aesthetic which like any art, is subjective. Do you prefer the more earthy and mineral look of granite over the sleek uniform style of quartz?

When it comes to popularity, granite seems to be winning over quartz and this popularity began in the 1990’s. If you were a granite owner, you were considered at the top of the food chain, a real baller. It has something to do with its natural “back to nature” quality that made people feel one with the earth.

So are you an earthy granite person or a sleek quartz person? The competition between granite and quartz will continue to wage for centuries. Either way, they are both beautiful and you can’t go wrong with each.

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