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There’s A Monster in The Building

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Stone Care recently ushered into their warehouse an actual beast.

It’s called the Donatoni JET 625 CNC, coming out of Italy’s Donatoni, a company that manufactures high innovation stone machines. The JET 625 is the talk of the stone world. Gone are the days of taking manual measurements and having to oversee a cutting machine. With the JET 625, our robot overlords can take over and do the job of an entire team.

The JET 625 is equipped with a computer brain that is fed stone cutting measurements that are then uploaded into the computer’s brain. Immediately after, the machine fires itself up and begins automatically cutting your stone by its precise measurements with minimal supervision.

An incredible feature is the built in software that allows you to create any kind of shape, whether it be straight, concave or convex arcs with both vertical and horizontal blades. The computer can custom fit your stone however you need it to look, which eliminates any risk of cutting off an operator’s finger, because it no longer needs one.

With its Photoslab technology, the machine uses a camera to detect the measurements that need to be cut and it’s so precise that it can even cut along veins of material with no defects. There’s another reason to minimize the use of an operator, especially when you can determine the sequence of cuts digitally.

The Donatoni Machine is a trusted name in the business with over 50 years of service coming out of Verona Italy. It’s a name to be trusted and their machine is a stunning and reliable new addition to Stone Care’s warehouse that we hope will usher in a new era of technology, efficiency and stone-cutting artistry.

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