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Doing Away With Granite Stains

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Everybody loves granite. It’s durability will hold up and when it comes to food prep, it’s a trusty ally to have beneath your feast. However, if you spill some wine on your granite and don’t address the spillage in a timely manner, you run the risk of permanent damage. The same goes for olive oil or any sort of grease. After 5 minutes of settling on the surface of the stone, it will surely leave an impression. For bathrooms, be weary of creams, makeup and body lotions, who are some of the many stone killers out there.

Here are a few helpful steps to doing away with granite stains:

As soon as a foreign substance like wine makes it past the protective seal and pores of the granite surface (the shield), this is when stains happen. Rather than wiping, you should initiate a blotting action with paper towels or a soft sponge. UltraCare Products by Mapei is a hot on the market granite cleaner that should do the trick.

Now if wiping failed to remove the stain, you can go deeper with a Plan B. This one requires you to become something of a chemist by creating baking soda/acetone paste. Place a paste made of equal amounts of baking soda and acetone right on top of the stain. Don’t rub it in, just let it sit there for over 24 hours. Once this period has passed, remove the paste and rinse the area with water. After the stain has left, you will need to reseal the area. 

Now it’s time to finish the job with a granite sealer such as UltraCare Products by Mapei. A fresh coat of sealant will be your shield against foreign substances from polluting the stone again. 

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