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Granite Reigns Supreme Over Concrete

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Somewhere around the late 1990s, interior design went through a DIY industrial/rustic movement where concrete countertops hit a resurgence. Most people won’t associate slabs of concrete with anything pertaining to their kitchen and would prefer to keep the sidewalk outside. However, if properly implemented and installed, concrete can actually look quite sharp. With the accurate blend of pigment, sand, or crushed stone, a concrete countertop can be made to stand out. If the installers are skilled in the trade, they could mold the surface with intricate curves and special features that you won’t normally find within ceramic or laminate counters.

Industrial and rustic interior design techniques are still very much trending these days, but certainly not concrete countertops. With the advent of granite, concrete has been greatly overshadowed. Here’s why granite will continue to reign supreme over concrete. 

The Looks Department:

No matter how skilled you are in the artisan work of concrete countertops, no man-made skills will be able to replicate the mosaic of colors and veiny patterns that were naturally formed on a granite slab. Technological advancements in the field could engineer the look of granite, but never fully duplicate the natural appeal. 

The Pricing:

Concrete countertops are incredibly pricey when compared to that of granite. An elaborate concrete project complete with pigments, polishing, and sealing could cost over $2,000. Meanwhile, the price of granite installation is slowly dropping as time goes by.

Granite Is Less High Maintenance:

Concrete is high in porosity which will make it increasingly difficult to maintain, even with the highest-grade of sealants. Staining is a major issue and with it, the seal is prone to diminish at a way faster rate than granite. Granite polishers like Gold Polish are the best solutions for keeping your granite shiny, whereas concrete will require multiple coats of sealant. 

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