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How To Seek Out the Right Granite For Your Home

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Are you looking to add splashes of life to your home? You can do so with plants, open windows letting in the sun’s natural rays and of course, granite! Granite’s beautiful appeal stems from the actual life within it. Each slab of granite contains unique patterns that are roadways to history. And the wonderful aspect of these stamps of history is that no two slabs of granite are the same. The three types of granite are as follows.

Solid granite basically has one color. Every piece of granite will show at least a little color differentiation as granite is a naturally grainy material. However, solid granite is minimally grainy.

Speckled granite is intentionally spotty. Its spottiness gives it a very eye-catching look, but also a soothing look.

Marbled granite offers spacious, spread out streaks of color that give it a luxurious appearance.

While they are all easy on the eyes, one type of granite might resonate with you more. If you’re a believer in past lives, maybe a granite type will remind you of when you lived in Ancient Rome. Do you resonate with slab or tile granite?

Slab granite is the more preferred look, but on the other hand, tile is cheaper, which is the only advantage. In addition to the lower price, tile granite usually comes with grout which is something that takes time and money to maintain.

When you arrive at a showroom, trying to decide between tile or slab granite, be sure to do you homework and compile a list of questions for the customer service rep. When it comes to color, really think about this. Take photos of the room you plan to install the granite in and take note of the color scheme. You can even bring a sample of your cabinetry and flooring with you. Wall color, cabinetry color, floor type and appliances will all contribute to the selection of your granite.

Then comes the question of types of edging for your countertop. Is it bullnosed, beveled, or straight edged that you’re looking for? If you have toddlers running around, you might want to avoid straight-edged and the accidents that can come from it. In that case, you’d want to select bullnosed, or beveled.

Finally, we reach the question of an undermount sink, which partners very well with granite countertops. This is something that is most common in kitchens, not so much in bathrooms. It’s very easy to clean a granite countertop with an undermount sink because all it takes is a simple scrub of crumbs and grime from the countertop to the sink.

And there you have it. Something stop consider when you are granite shopping that will surely add much needed life to your home.

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