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Stone Care’s Tips on Stone Care

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It all starts in a quarry. It’s in these epic holes where marble is born. Once they are extracted, so begins the long and arduous process that will eventually lead to that very stone landing in your bathroom. Before it lands there however, it undergoes a series of cutting, forming, and finishing. Finishing includes flamed and brushed finishes which are perfect for outdoor and rustic decor. On the other hand, we have tumbled and aged finishing which is ideal for a more antique look. However, the most sought after finishing style is that of a polished look. It’s classic, modern and just perfect.

Polish is hard to maintain however, as this is a finish that tends to lose some of its sheen and shine. There are a few steps you must take to preserve the gloss of your stone. Here they are:

1) Picking the right product: There are a lot of products out in the market like Granite Gold Polish®. A word of advice – the best kind of granite polish out there is the one that can be easily sprayed on, wiped down and buffed by hand with a paper towel or cloth. This is the best way to ensure your countertop’s luster is in tip top shape. 

2) Before You Polish, Clean: If your stone goes way too long without being cleaned, it can accumulate a patina that will hide its shine. Before you get to the polish phase, make sure you apply a granite daily cleaner and wipe it dry until the patina is gone. 

3) Before Polishing, Seal: After the cleaning has been taken care of, it’s time to jump into sealing, even before you reach the polish phase. If you skip the sealing part and jump into polishing, you run the risk of the shine being uneven. The sealant should settle for 24 hours before the polish. 

4) No Slipping: If marble and granite are buffed to a high level of gloss among floors, you run the risk of people slipping. Living spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, lanais, and foyers with marble floors can become a death trap, especially for the elderly. Avoid the slip at all costs.

Follow these easy, but well thought out techniques and your stone will be in great shape. If you’re going to care for your stone, take it from Stone Care.

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