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The Age of White Countertops

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White countertops are the cat’s meow these days. Maybe it has something to do with their sleek, clean and bright appearance that gives your kitchen a pleasant easy-on-the-eyes look. It also blends both classic and contemporary, making it just right. 

With white countertops, you can get fun and creative. You are the artist and let your countertops be your canvas to express your inner designer. With colored veins, you can add accent splashes for contrast. Here are some fun materials for you to supe up your kitchen countertops with. 

White granite countertops are trending and it just so happens that they are a durable material. A way to make this durable material pop even more is to juxtapose them with dark wood cabinets that will give it an overall contemporary appeal. 

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals of white countertops are the flecks and veins inside the granite. These individual works of mother nature make every slab totally unique. Not one slab of granite will look the same. 

When it comes to cost, granite is way more affordable than say quartz but the prices will always vary depending on the particular kind of granite you settle on. 

With that in mind, you should have a larger breadth of knowledge on your search for the perfect kitchen countertop. 

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