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The Best Granite Finishes Out There

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Oh granite. This igneous rock is coveted by homeowners for its beauty, versatility and magical ability to tie the kitchen together. You may also find granite making its way into the bathroom or outdoor living areas. Granite offers an abundance of color and styles and in addition, it offers options for finishes There are three different kinds of marble finishes and they are as follows.


Honed granite is granite that has undergone the polishing process, but not to the extent of polished granite. What this results in is a matte appearance versus a shiny surface. The reason why most homeowners end up choosing this finish is due to the fact that it simply looks more natural than the other finish options out there. This natural, veiny appearance is perfect for hiding any imperfections that may come about.


When you install your granite, you can have it routinely polished to keep that shine on. The finish will look high in gloss and reflect light in luminous ways. Homeowners typically dream up this kind of finish when they imagine granite in their dream home because it accentuates the beauty of the stone and the surrounding areas. The downside to polished granite is that it requires heavy re-sealing


When granite slabs are leathered, the appeared will look more textured. Lately, leathered finish has been gaining popularity, more so than honed. It’s called leathered because the granite will literally contain the appearance of leather and it’s perfect for those seeking a more rustic flair. Because of the textured surface, to will hide stains, scratches, smudges and fingerprints.

So pick your preference. Whichever one you select will be top quality and last you many years.

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