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To Granite or Not To Granite?

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Wet bars are growing in popularity and as long as celebrities like Hollywood actress Kaley Cuoco, NHL star Bobby Clarke, and television producer Robert Kirkman keep Instagramming and Tweeting about them, they will continue to trend. The history of wet bars can trace back to the happy days after World War II, where our boys were back from the trenches and baby making and booming adults found reasons to celebrate. In the 1960s, California ranch-style homes began to grow in popularity, which lead to the conversion of basements into trendy rec rooms, most of them featuring wet bars.

Today, wet and dry bars are appearing in man caves, by the pool, next to the fireplace, in the living room, or close to the kitchen. But what are the people using to install in their bars? If the first thing to come to your mind is stone, then you’re right on the money. Granite is highly recommended, especially for wet bars and here’s why:

First and foremost, you want to have the best looking option and granite is surely easy on the eyes with its combination of minerals and color patterns. The more the feldspar, the more the off-white slabs with grey veining. The higher the quartz content, the more the stone resembles marble. Some granite is high in potassium which gives it a nice reddish color, making it the perfect accent to natural wood cabinetry.

Another reason why granite is ideal for your wet bar is because of its highly durable surface. Let’s say you spill a pint of dark frothy stout or red Pinot Noir, as long as your granite has been properly sealed and you clean the spill within minutes, you have nothing to worry about. 

When it comes to cleaning, all it takes is a solid granite cleaner, a paper towel or lint-free cloth and a wipe. As for sealing, make sure you apply the sealant at least once a month. 

People’s eyes tend to associate granite with anything pertaining to the kitchen, so it makes sense to associate granite with the libation area. Granite equals elegance and libations mean a reason to celebrate. Drink in the company of natural stone and it’ll make your cocktail all the more pleasurable.

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