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Matching Granite and Cabinets

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Granite will stand the test of time but with the right pairing, it can last eons. A great way to accentuate the natural flair of granite is to pair it with matching cabinetry. Together, the two have the potential to convert your kitchen into a photogenic masterpiece worthy of a magazine spread. Follow these pairing tips, and you just might see your kitchen showcased in lifestyle media.

One of the first decisions you should make is whether or not to compliment or contrast. When it comes to the complimentary matching technique, you want to choose granite countertops and cabinets that are similar in color. An example of a complimentary design would be a gold granite with a light maple cabinet. Or, a black granite with oak cabinets, which all offer a smooth and welcoming look. 

Contrasting, however, involves matching contrasting colors such as dark colored granite with light colored cabinetry, or vice versa. An example of a contrasting design would be black cabinets with white granite. Or, of course, white cabinets with black granite. What this achieves is a look of boldness and elegance. 

Now that you’ve made this first decision, you can select your colors. Choose your granite countertop color first because it’s a pricey investment that should be knocked out. It will take a lot less time, money and effort to select and install your cabinetry when compared to the arduous process of granite installation. When you go cabinet shopping, bring a cabinet drawer with you as a reference. 

Lastly, it’s time to choose your accent color, because every great interior design choice should be supplemented by an accent. If you have contrasting designs, black fixtures are a great contrast to them. Metallic or silver fixtures are ones you can’t go wrong with. 

Keep these tips in mind and your kitchen will be worthy of recognition.

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