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Top Notch Kitchen Countertop Prep

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It’s an exciting moment when you top off your kitchen countertop, introducing some shiny glitz into the room. When it comes to installation, there are a number of precautions you should be mindful of, to ensure your work of art is handled safely and with care. The last thing you would want would be for your countertops to collapse during dinner time. 

First and foremost, you should clear off your old countertops before your new ones can be worked on. Get every toaster, ever panini maker, every appliance out of the way so the installers can be that much closer to doing their work. Make a friend out of these installers and give them refreshments. A happy worker makes for a happy job and clearing the area well already start you off on the right foot.

Installing and cleaning your countertop is a grimy process. When countertops are cut, polished and trimmed, you’ll find your kitchen at the center of a storm of saw dust and random debris. To make life easier, make sure the surrounding are is covered in tarp. This will minimize your cleanup for later on. You also don’t want your workers to trip on whatever tarp material you place on the ground so make sure it is firmly placed to avoid slipping.

When the workers start doing their thing, they will need a clear path from the front door to the kitchen. Make sure this area is their own red carpet with no furniture or toys in their path. They will be bringing in heavy machinery, and the countertops themselves, so you wouldn’t want them to drop your beauty stone.

When you get a new countertop, you also want to have your added fixtures at the ready. For example, new faucets, sinks and soap dispensers. These would already need to be there so the installers can figure out the exact dimensions in order to install them into the countertop. Keep your upgrades close by and leave the rest of the work up to them.

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