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A Pairing of Light & Dark

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Ying and Yang is a fundamental principle that can work almost anywhere. In the universe of interior decorating, this alpha and omega comes in the form of black and white color that when fused together, can create a beautiful, contemporary color scheme. Here’s how you can properly pair light and dark cabinets in your kitchen to create something worthy of a magazine spread.

Color matters in your kitchen because if you make a basic color error, the result will be something you have to sit and fester with every breakfast. If you arrive at black and white cabinets, you are in good shape toward a stylish and elegant domain.

When it come to materials. there are a number of high-quality material options on the market that are available in darker colors that will be the ideal match for your white cabinets. Materials like granite, marble, quartzite, quartz, slate, soapstone and even gemstone will compliment the sleek white in remarkable ways.

Ubatuba Granite is usually the most popular choice with homeowners because of their dark green natural stone and its accompanying gold, brown and green speckles. It’s durability is a given, like all granites. It will last you a long time and it requires minimal maintenance.

Black Galaxy Granite is another stunning pairing with your lighter cabinet because of its small copper-colored flakes that break up the pure black background of the stone.

3100 Jet Black Caesarstone Quartz, when combined with white, off-white or gray cabinets, accomplishes a beautiful, timeless look. As for backsplashes, this quartz welcomes it.

Black Marquina Marble is a hot favorite due to its intricate white veining that runs throughout the stone and adds a small touch of light to the dark black background.

These are just a few pieces of stone in the wonderful world of earthly materials. Black and white will thrive as the contrasting ying and yang of your kitchen and keep the feng shui balance within your life.

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