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A Wide World of Countertops

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Everyone has a unique taste and that’s why there are so many countertop options available to suit the needs and desires of many. Some people are comfortable with a timely and traditional style, others prefer the more sleek and stunning. If you’re indecisive, it might be a daunting feat to select your countertop of choice at a showroom with multiple options up on display. Here are some options and a deeper look at each that will help you make that difficult decision.

Natural Stone:

We’re talking granite, marble, and others. These one-of-a-kind surfaces originate from the earth and you can see traces of our planet through its veining and speckled details. No two pieces of stone are alike which offers you an exclusive treat. Each slab has its own origin story that trace back an insurmountable amount of time. When it comes to strength, natural stone is officially the most durable. When it comes to staining, however, it is very porous in nature and without regular sealing, it will surely leave some marks.


Because quartz is a manufactured product, quartz can be found in a wide range of colors including natural hues as well as vibrant bold options. Unlike granite, each slab is exactly the same so you know what you are getting. Quartz is one of the strongest materials out there. It’s made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, and can therefore withstand day-to-day activity. Because it is a manufactured product, the surface of quartz is non-porous so you don’t have to worry about any staining. As far as maintenance, because quartz is stain resistant, scratch resistant, and extremely durable, the maintenance is very low.

Solid Surface Countertops:

Like quartz, solid surface countertops are manufactured but they come in all different colors. Compared to other surfaces in the market, solid surfaces are moderately durable. They can withstand the wear and tear of daily cooking. Just avoid dropping any hard objects on the surface. Overall, solid surfaces are a low maintenance product.


These countertops consist of layers of plastic that are bounded together to particleboard or kraft paper. They come in a variety of shapes and color, textures and patterns. If you’re on a tight budget, laminate is the way to go because it’s very low durability. However, because they are susceptible to damage, you may have to fork more money on repairs should you have an accident.

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