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In Pursuit of Spotless Granite

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When a fresh piece of granite is installed in your home, it’s cause for a victory celebration, be it a drink on the granite or a platter of snacks. Maybe it’s that final splash of elegance to your bathroom vanity. No matter the place or the occasion, it will sparkle. But that sparkle and that shine, doesn’t last forever and your responsibility for care doesn’t end there. Having granite countertops is a responsibility. You have to nurture it.

Here are two easy ways to keep your granite countertops shiny.

1) The Old Fashioned Way

When it comes to granite, the old fashioned way is one that is trusted and true. All it takes is a sponge, soap and water. Just like that, this old fashioned trick will keep your granite shiny. No need for artificial cleaners and chemicals. Acidic cleaners can actually cause quite the damage on granite. You can always read the back of the cleaners and if you can’t pronounce the names of the ingredients, then it’s a no go.

2) Hassle Free

One cost you may want to invest in is that of sealing your granite. This stone is extremely porous, which means it’s prone to liquids and crumbs. When you seal the granite professionally, it prevents this from occurring. It’s basically a shield for your stone.

Something you should understand about sealants is that over time, it will weaken the stone, so do it sparingly. By that, we mean every one or two years.

Take care of your stone as you would a pet. It’s a living thing that needs love too.

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