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Increase Your Home’s Value With Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is a valuable commodity. If you’re on the quest toward raising the value of your home, then turn your eyes toward this part of the house. If you make some adjustments and upgrades to your kitchen island, countertops and cabinets, it can go a long way toward raising the price tag of your property. Here’s how.

Natural stone is the way to go. Mother Nature is valuable, especially when she comes in the form of beautiful, unique rock formations that are extremely durable and stand the test of time. When a buyer sees a natural stone kitchen, he or she will already know that the kitchen will last a lifetime of high value. But what kind of stone gets you the most bang for your buck? If you had to choose between two, go for granite and quartz, which are the two most highest rated across the board. Other stones, such as marble, travertine and limestone,  are certainly elegant but carry more vulnerabilities and imperfections. Marble has the most appealing natural stone appearance and will also get you a solid ROI. 

Once you have your stone picked out, its time to accentuate it with a backsplash. A backsplash is a vertical extension to a counter—typically kitchen or bathroom counter—which protects the wall from unintended splashes of water. It can extend a few inches high or go as high as the ceiling. They are an ideal canvas for making your dreams come alive with materials ranging from tiny glass mosaic tile to traditional subway tile. Don’t get too flashy here. Instead, do something that is consistent with the rest of the kitchen so it all matches. When it comes to increasing home value, it all boils down to appeal and backsplashes are made to give your kitchen all the appeal it needs.  

When it comes to appliances, stainless-steel is the way to go. While a backsplash may take some time, money and effort, getting stain-less steel appliances may be an easier task. A steel refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and sink give the kitchen a legitimate appeal. The thing with stainless-steel is that it needs to happen as a unit. One appliance won’t work. It has to be all of them to further match the aesthetic of the kitchen. 

Adhering to all three of these tips will guarantee a notable percentage increase in your home’s value.

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