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Cleaning Mold Off Your Marble Shower

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Marble makes for the prettiest of showers but this beauty has a price. With still water, comes mold and mold can become a highly dangerous and highly expensive problem to deal with. Mold growth on marble tiles or panels is something we can work to prevent and eliminate if we follow some diligent recommendations on how to properly care for our stone. 

First of all, keeping your marble dry is key. When you see a water stain on a marble surface, what you are looking at is the result of hard minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which cause the phenomenon known as hard water. When you see a colony of mold or mildew, this is the result of too much moisture on the marble surface. To eliminate this standing water, you can use a squeegee tool, sponges and absorbent cloths. Put the members of your household to work, by absorbing the still water after they take a shower. Everyone should play their part. 

In addition to keeping your marble nice and dry, it’s important that you also keep it sealed. The sealant applied when the marble is first installed won’t last forever. Keep a bottle of Granite Gold Sealer® nearby for when it needs to be re-applied. This formula easily wipes away mold and mildew with one clean wipe. Colonies of this parasitic substance can easily penetrate the porous surface of stone, but it can be easily combatted with the right sealant formula. 

Let’s not forget that mold is dangerous and potentially fatal. The fungi and mycotoxins that are inside mildew and mold colonies can lead to infections and neurotoxic reactions. When the colonies spread, the grouting between stone tiles can also be damaged. In addition, it can become slippery and cause you to hurt yourself. 

But what happens when your natural-stone shower cleaner fails you? At this point, you’ll need to mix a 50/50 solution of bleach and water, then spray or pour the mixture onto the surface of the stone and scrub it. Let this bleach and water concoction sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it out with water. This will extinguish those mold colonies and let you shower in peace. 

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