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Keep These Tips in Mind for Mopping Stone

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When you usher in natural stone like marble and granite into your home, it’s important to recognize that you have inherited a piece of Mother Nature’s soul to adorn your home. That’s a lot of responsibility. Part of this responsibility involves the care and maintenance it deserves, because the finishing process stone tiles go through prior to installation isn’t natural. The granite in your kitchen certainly didn’t look the same way when it slept quietly in an Italian rock quarry. If not cared for, these stones could go back to how they looked in their primitive form. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your stone that go beyond simple mopping. 

Every heard of dry soil? It’s the accumulation of dust, dirt, lint, and grit that naturally develops over any substance. Figuring out the right sweeping frequency once or twice a week will ensure that this grit doesn’t become too visible. If you live in a small house with too many kids, you might have to increase that frequency. One example would be slate flooring with a brushed finish because the natural holes can become plugged with dry soil. Only use microfiber sweepers with replaceable heads. 

If you don’t have a sweeper for this dry soil, a vacuum cleaner is an alternative. There are a number of smaller vacuum cleaner attachments that are angled and easy to handle. Look out for the ones that have soft bristles at the bottom to absorb lint. Also be sure that whatever attachment you choose doesn’t scratch your floor. Before you begin mopping, all of the dry soil should be sucked into oblivion. 

As for as the right tools and cleaners, only focus on granite stone and tile floor cleaners that are healthy for the stone, such as Mapei. Many of the common household products out there will contain chemicals that could actually damage the stone. When using Mapei, you’ll have to mix 2-4 ounces of the cleaner with a gallon of hot or cold water. The wet mop will then absorb all of the dry soil and revert your stone back to its original glistening form. 

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