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Showing Love to Your Marble Bathroom

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According to Kitchen & Bath Design News, marble in the bathroom is a trend we’ll continue to see in 2020, particularly when it’s underscored by recessed lighting and dark contrast details such as narrow backsplashes. Homeowners have many dreams, especially when they’ve just purchased their first home. A common desire is that of creamy-white Carrara marble making up their shiny bathroom. There is, however, a hesitation for installing marble due to the porous nature of the stone, which may lead to water stains and mold colonies to form. As long as you properly maintain your stone babies, they will look just as they did when you purchased them.

First, it’s important that you keep your marble surfaces dry. Materials such as glazed porcelain are prone to developing mildew on their surfaces when exposed to wetness because the water enters the pores and festers into something biological. If you cause a spill, be sure to quickly wipe the water using a foam or rubber squeegee tool.

Second, you must periodically seal your stone with a special impregnating sealant. This layer of sealant won’t last forever, though, so it is important to keep applying it regularly. Mapei Cleaners make this process easy for you because it can be sprayed right on the surface and wiped into the stone.

You’ll want to keep common household cleaners out of the way, because these supermarket products are best used for ceramics, porcelain and laminate, not your stone. Their solutions are made up of phosphates and other chemicals that may weaken the seal set in place, which makes it vulnerable to stains. Granite Mapei Cleaners are the way to go here.

Then comes the question of your grout lines which easily accumulate soap residue and mildew. Mapei Cleaners are the ideal products for cleaning grout lines due to its smooth brush that won’t scratch the surface of the stone. To remove mold stains, try the simple 50/50 solution of bleach and water, allow it to sit for 15 minutes and then rinse.

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