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When Marble Meets Your Bathroom

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Many people prefer natural stone over stainless steel for food preparations. Take the late Anthony Bourdain, who spend a lot of time in a kitchen. His upscale Manhattan apartment became listed for rent at more than $14,000 per month after his untimely death. His stylish apartment was adorned with Italian white marble in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. The shower stalls, even the tub was decked out in marble from floor to ceiling. While it’s popular, many consumers avoid installing it in their bathroom because of its high porosity content. If water gets on the marble, it has the potential to stain.

Staining aside, here are a few reasons why it’s worth getting marble in your bathroom.


1. Natural Looks

The bathhouses of ancient Rome were decorated with mosaic arrangements made of marble, so why shouldn’t your bathroom be too. Bathing rituals were an important part of their culture which is why they called upon the best Roman architects to implement these good looks, with high end marble brought in from the Carrara village of Tuscany. Do it like the Romans.

2. Ultimate Versatility

What’s your style? Are you classic, modern, rustic or sleek? The great thing about marble is that it can hit every one of these categories. If you have natural or laminate wood accents, you’ll want marble tiles with a brushed finish. If you have chrome or brushed steel fixtures, polished marble will be perfect on countertops, tub surrounds, and shower walls. It’s versatile, flexible and can cater to many tastes.

3. Property Value Will Increase

The moment you introduce your bathroom to marble, you are instantly increasing the value of our home, especially if your home is one of the few properties in the neighborhood with this stunning and unique feature. So basically marble will mean more equity for you, which will ultimately make it easier for you to refinance an existing mortgage.

4. Attracting Prospective Buyers

If you’re trying to sell your home, a bathroom decked out in marble will make mouths water and eyes pop for prospective buyers. Just like a marble central island is the focal point in the kitchen, a marble bathroom is an added bonus.

5. Low Maintenance

In the ancient Roman days, the bathhouse eventually lost their appeal because there was no such thing as sealant. Water and Roman sweat wore out the surface of the marble, now up for display as ruin in the Roman forum. But we are not living in ancient times. Today, a good sealant and granite cleaner can easily protect your marble and it will last for a healthy amount of time.

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