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Make Use of Leftover Quartz

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If you go through the time and investment of introducing quartz countertops in your home, it may come with an added bonus. You see, most of the time there are small pieces of leftover quartz that didn’t make it to the cutting process. Instead of having the marble company toss them, you can request to keep these stray pieces and make good use of them in your living space. 

Some of the benefits of quartz include:

– Strength

– Durability

– Heat-resistance

– Visual flair

– Scratch-resistance

Keeping all of these factors in mind, you can take your stray pieces of quartz and decorate areas such as a bar top. Bar tops are cozy nooks that may be tucked in a living room. If you add these pieces of quartz to this small bar top, it will look way better than any wood or wallpaper. 

As for shelving, quartz fragments are the perfect shape for it, especially for bookshelf and cabinets. You can even use them as book rests while adding accents and pizzazz.

Have you ever considered stepping stones leading from your driveway to your home, or from your backyard door to the barbecue? You can’t go wrong with quartz. You can even shape them together to be the same consistent size for each step. Quartz is sensitive to moisture, however, so if it rains often, it can lose its appeal. 

While quartz is the ultimate kitchen countertop, it simultaneously acts as the ultimate kitchen accessory. Cutting boards, pastry boards, trivets, you name it!

There’s no use wasting away precious stone. Make use of these fragments and get busy creating. 

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