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The Wonderful World of Quartz

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When cave men utilized stone as shelter, they never associated it with any brand name or logos. But today, you can find brand names from all corners of the globe for quartz. The name quartz came from the original construction material patented by an Italian company known as Breton. 

This material was mostly used for commercial establishments and public structures. But today, it has made its way into the American home. Here are the top brands of quartz to choose from.

Corian Quartz

Corian quartz is famous in the biz for its durability. This unbreakable rock was in introduced by European chemical giant DuPont. Corian is a synthetic construction material made of advanced polymers and bauxite ore. 


Cambria focuses on the convenience of quartz as a surface that looks just like granite or marble, but doesn’t come with the inconvenient resealing needs. This doesn’t mean, however, that it doesn’t require regular cleaning with polish or quartz cleaner.  

Daltile ONE

What’s striking here is the line of pearl-toned tiles and slabs which sets it apart from the others. Daltile was already in the process of fabricating construction materials when it added quartz to its product catalog. 


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