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How To Make Your Bathroom Grand

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Home is where your bathtub/shower is. This place is an oasis. It’s the one sanctuary in the house where you can spend 15 minutes (or let’s be real…30 minutes) washing away the day’s stress. A large bathroom with a tub is everyone’s dream, but what about those that can’t afford it? This article is for those people. There are ways to make your small bathroom feel like a spa.

– There’s a trick to making a room feel larger, airier. All it takes is painting the walls in a bright light color. When light bounces from wall to wall, rather than being absorbed into oblivion, it sets the illusion that the room is larger. Another way to keep this illuminated vibe is by keeping the toilet, tub and vanity the same spotless bright color. Too avoid a sterile, hospital-like bright color, throw in some accent splashes of color with towels and other materials. 

 – A floating toilet and a floating vanity will allow you to both set the illusion of a wider space and act as a storage area under them. In a small space, any bit of room you create can make a big difference.

– Utilizing a big mirror can be a great way to double the size of your bathroom from a visual standpoint. When choosing a mirror, you can go with a framed one that stretches from floor to ceiling. If not floor to ceiling, you can go wall to wall. 

– Just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fabulous luxury. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, especially if you add a bit of wainscoting or headboard along the bottom half of the wall. When seeking luxury, natural stone tile in the shower and tub is a great avenue to take that adds texture and personality to your abode. Popular choices like marble, granite, and travertine come in a wide array of colors and patterns, allowing for a unique space. 

It’s all about the art of deception. Magicians do it all the time with visual trickery. Apply these tactics to your bathroom and you can go from small to grand on a cost-effective budget. 

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