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Make Your Marble Showers & Tubs Look Regal

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The Buddhists say “the heart is your temple.” But there’s another temple where you can unwind and wash your worries away: the tub or shower. In this place of worship, you can spend ten (or thirty) minutes of “me time,” so of course you would want it to look regal, befitting royalty.

Using exotic stones like creamy Carrara marble and Crema Marfil can sooth your bathing experience and also add value to your property. Cleaning your marble is important to ensure the value of the property is maintained and that the soothing nature of it remains. Here are some tips for caring for your marble shower and tub.

1. Always Clean
When water accumulates in a bathroom for a long period of time, mildew, soap scum and minerals will build up along the marble tiles and over the grant. You should dedicate one deep cleaning per week to ensure this doesn’t happen.

2. Keep ‘Em Dry
Marble shower and surround tiles can put up with the wetness because of the trusty surface seal. But don’t take advantage of this. Try to keep them as dry as possible. In order to speed up the drying process, you can open a window to let in that breeze. If squeege is your weapon of choice, you can use that as well.

3. Household Cleaners Are Marble Killers
Marble is a beautifully sensitive piece of nature whose kryptonite is that of popular household cleaners you can get at your local supermarket. There are certain cleaners that are specifically made to clean natural stone surfaces like Granite Gold Shower Cleaner®.

4. Be Gentle
Bathrooms require deep cleanings because the little crevices and grout spaces are very prone to grime. In order to clean these grout spaces, you need to make sure you are using sponges, scrubbing pads, and brushes that have been made specifically for use on natural-stone surfaces.

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