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Which Surface Do You Seek

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It’s a wide world of stone surfaces and when choosing the right one for your countertop, it can certainly be a daunting task. Hot on the market are custom refinishing on certain slabs, allowing you to get the perfect surface treatment for your perfect surface.

When you’re dealing with a custom made product, you can decide what design style you want. Whether it be glossy, polished, mute with a satiny or a honed finish. There’s no need for you to settle on something you don’t want just because it’s available. Decide on what’s the best option for your particular slab. 

It’s important to keep in mind that different options serve different purposes, which is why you always want to have the option to customize your stone. You might be on the team of high gloss polish for your countertop or on the team of honed or brushed surface which makes scratches less visible. No matter which one it is, you should be able to have the option to choose. 

If you go with the right vendor, you might have a factory quality finish with the slabs in stock. So what surface do you desire? 

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