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All About The Island

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Ever since the 70’s, kitchen islands have been a home staple and even today, they are some of the most coveted residential kitchen set pieces. And the moment a kitchen island is adorned with a glistening piece of granite, the kitchen instantly becomes the nucleus of the home. From the first cup of coffee in the morning, to the last glass of wine at night, and well into the weekend party hors d’oeuvres, the kitchen island is certainly the place to be. If you’re thinking about natural stone countertops for your kitchen island, consider these items.

The Focal Point:

Kitchen Islands have been the TV focal point of cooking shows since as far back as 1937 with the British series Cook’s Night Out. With Julia Child’s The French Chef, American audiences were so honed in on this piece of furniture that it became the focal point for all viewers. Make it the focal point of your own kitchen by topping it off with a breathtaking piece of granite. 

Boosting Its Value:

According to the experts, residential appraisers know granite countertops in the kitchen can have a positive influence on the equity valuation of a house, certainly much more than laminate or ceramic countertops. They are very much in high demand which will give your home instant value, especially if there’s a piece of granite on it. 

Which Stone To Choose?

Granite or marble? It’s a tough decision. If you’re looking for popularity and durability, you can’t go wrong with granite’s toughness that could withstand any casualties of food preparation. Marble is just as pretty, but a little more vulnerable. If you are a master chef, try looking into slate, a stone that resists heat and moisture even better than granite. You can even install a wooden butcher’s block off to the side, as to not damage your stone. 

Just Like New:

Keeping your island looking brand new is easy if you clean it frequently. Having the right granite cleaner and sealant will make all the difference. Cleaning is easy but sealing is more of a tedious job that requires a meticulous water test. What’s a water test? Pour water about 3 inches in diameter in several places on the surface of the stone. If the water has left a dark mark or ring after 30 minutes, it has penetrated the seal, which means it’s time to reseal your countertops. Follow these steps and your granite will continue to add value to your home because not only will it be gorgeous, but it will be healthy as well. 

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