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Check Out These Bold Bathroom Designs

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Do you dare to be different in your design choices? There are many was to go the distance, especially in your bathroom. And we aren’t simply referring to subway tile. Subway tile has been a staple since 1904 when designers La Farge and Heins used it in the New York City subway in an effort to create pristine, bright stations. It originally gained popularity because subway tile is easy to clean and stain-resistant. It became popular in public bathrooms and commercial kitchens.

Because of subway tile’s popularity, it has a tendency to become repetitive within bathroom interior decorating. If you’re seeking out to do something different, here are some bold and colorful tile designs that will spice up your life.


When dealing with tile backsplashes, go with deep shades of gray which will give it an overall contemporary look. Don’t be intimidated by dark tiles. As long as you have at least one bright element incorporated, you will be okay.

Penny Tile:

Penny tile is similar in fashion to subway tile, which we spoke of. Penny is a timeless style that’s been in vogue for a while now and comes in many bright and airy color. We highly recommend a neutral or a light blue. If glamour is what you seek, check out black, gold or silver tile.

Modern Rustic

Sure wood can be a risky choice for a bathroom. That’s why you don’t have to use actual wood. You can evoke that rustic sense with a textural look with tile. It will replicate the feeling that oak gives and it will include the strength and durability of porcelain.

Moroccan Flair

Evoke a Moroccan spirit with intricate patterns and custom cement tiles. Moroccan style is all about depth and by adding mirror stripes on either side of the back wall, you will receive this much needed depth of field.

Tortoiseshell Chic

In the spirit of keeping things woodsy, tortoiseshell-inspired tiles will add a warmth to your bathroom with hues of brown, black and amber. Just add a wood vanity and copper sink and the holy trinity of warmth will be complete.

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