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How To Keep Your Countertops Pristine

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There’s a certain glimmer to granite countertops. This glimmer is not natural, however. It’s the result of high maintenance and love. When a countertop takes shelter in your home, you have a responsibility to nurture it. Check out these 6 maintenance tips that will help keep your countertops glimmering. 

#1 A Daily Bath

Granite countertops need to take a bath too. This bath consists of simply running a wet sponge over the granite once a day. As a cherry on top, you should add a dash of dish detergent. The simple combination of water and soap is all it takes to keep your granite healthy. 

#2 Be Weary of Abrasive Cleaners

Granite’s kryptonite is that of scratching. It is very prone to wear and tear from constant exposure to cleaning brushes. That’s why you should use a sponge or a rag to clean, to avoid these hairline fractures. 

#3 No Acid

There are so may chemical cleaners out there and so many of them don’t have the best interests of the granite in mind. Substances like vinegar, bleach, ammonia and lemon are the granite killers that result in staining. That’s why we’ll stress again to stick to water and soap. If you wouldn’t brush your teeth with it, you shouldn’t clean your granite with it. In the same way that coffee and soy sauce stains your teeth, these chemical cleaners leave unnatural stains that take the glimmer right out of it.

#4 Seal 

Sealing your granite is a great way to shield it from random liquids. Sealant on top of granite is how all professionals go about protecting their stone, especially upon first installation. 

#5 Point That Thing Somewhere Else

Keep all sharp objects away from your stone, especially during your cooking sessions. Knifes have no place near your granite because they can accidentally chip away at mother nature’s creation.

#6 Commence the Water Test

The “Water Test” is a great way to determine whether or not your stone should be resealed. All it takes is dripping water over the stone and if the water droplets bead together, the seal is good to go. If the water droplets bleed away, then it’s a tell-tale sign that resealing is needed.

Follow these simple tactics and you’ll maintain that eye candy glimmer that makes your kitchen pop.


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