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Intermac Master 30 – Stone Care Ushers in New Machine

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At the Stone Care warehouse in Hialeah Florida. we are no strangers to high-tech cutting robots and A.I. machinery. Two of ours are totally manual and analog, while only one of them is operated with artificial intelligence… until now.

We have just ushered in The Master 30 by Intermac. This colossal machine has the ability to initiate the most dynamic machining performance and it’s all about the finish. The quality of the finish is impeccable in regards to stone, granite, marble, ceramic and other synthetic materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Intermac is the most trusted name in the biz, providing top shelf technological content for all work centers in the stone industry. As for as its functions, the Master 30 has up to 24 tools up its sleeve, with 12-position side tool change armored with a casing to protect it against machining residues for cones.

Times are changing and with it, so are rectangular suction cups. The all new cups featured on The Master 30 offer better vacuum retention when compared to traditional suction cups currently on the market.

We’re happy to usher in a new generation of stone cutting and constantly evolve with the rapidly changing industry.

See it in action:

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