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Update Your Bathroom With These 5 Natural Stone Options

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Two of the most expensive modeling projects are that of kitchens and bathrooms. They are the hot commodities for homebuyers. If you invest in a full renovation of these areas, you are automatically increasing the value of your home. And it’s not just the home buyers who are attracted to these areas. Appraisers are also keeping their eyes on them. What’s the best way to remodel your kitchen and bathroom? The answer lies in stone. Let’s take a look at the 5 natural stone options that will give your kitchen and bathroom some sizzle. 

1. Marble

Marble increases value right off the bat because of its aesthetic and price. If the words “marble bathrooms” are written, the listing has props. There are so many popular options out there. Take Turkish marble, for instance. This stone is quarried near the Marmara Sea and carries a white creamy look with attractive vein patterns. Keeping the marble clean is essential, however. So be sure to keep an industry-grade granite sealer handy. 

2. Soapstone

Here we have a more low-maintenance rock that’s commonly used for bathrooms. When it comes to sealing soapstone, you should do it every six months or so with heavy coats of food-grade mineral oil. This will be the shield against staining. The most popular color for soapstone is light gray and over time, it will take a darker shade. 

3. Onyx

Onyx is an extravagant stone for those who don’t need to worry about a tight budget. This stone has the ability to be turned into jewelry because of its decadent apparel. It’s prominently used for countertops, shower stall walls, and tub surrounds. Like marble, it’s a high maintenance stone that needs to be looked after.

4. Bluestone

For the ballers on a budget, bluestone is the way to go. This rock is quarried in our own neighborhood within Pennsylvania rock quarries. If you send some time in New England, you’ll find bluestone in many bathrooms and also on floor tiles. 

5. Limestone

The ancient Roman Baths in the English country of Somerset all contained limestone floors. The most fancy spas in the world will be graced by this elegant stone. They have an earthy beige color with veiny delicate patterns. Like marble and onyx, it requires good care taking and there are plenty of cleaners out in the market that will rid the stone from harmful bacteria. 

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